A FRESH LOOK (or an engineer's view of life)

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Geoff Harries is an electronic engineer and once, lifting up his head from work, it struck him that a number of the concepts, ideas, and principles that he uses on a daily basis could be applied equally well to his daily life, giving them new meaning.
These concepts are covered in the following series of essays starting with "A Fresh Look".

Note - Unless you are an electronic engineer or scientist, it is strongly recommended that you read the Tutorial and Statistics essays before you dip into the other essays.

Emboldened by the success of the principles discovered in "A Fresh Look" I then wrote a series of short stories intended to illustrate some of these principles in human terms.

General information
Name of author - Geoffrey William Harries
Size of this file - approx. 35MB.
E-mail - Geoffharries@gmx.net
Work phone - (089) 691-22-88

1. Fresh look
Breakthrough. The Engineer - his training, life, rewards, viewpoint.
Concepts used in these essays.
3. Statistics
How to understand and criticise them.
4. Writing
History. How to use it to help you in life, to discover yourself.
5. The brain thinking
How the brain works. Insight, the associative memory, neural networks, puzzle solving, forward/backward chaining, consciousness.
6. Human beings
The Andromedan Report. The Reward Effect.
7. Sex
The Andromedan report on human sex. Differences m/f - the "one-way" trap - m/f humour - tricks men use. Sex - is it worth it? Sex - the future.
8. Human beliefs
Superstition today - religion - ESP - astrology - hypnotism - suggestibility.
9. Art
Music and painting. The engineer's viewpoint - art as communication - getting the message through - the Andromedans' report - interpretation.
10. Teaching
Left brain. Learning a language. Teaching German to English-speaking students. Motives of teachers, pupils. The "Fresh Look" ideal language teaching method. Right brain - learning to play tennis.
11. Humour
Definition - need for humour in a democracy - jokes with analysis - how and when to use humour. The Humorist.
12. Losing weight
Advice - tricks - the author's experience - results expected - time required.

Short Stories illustrating the "Fresh Look" viewpoint.

Heiroglyphic espionage
An investigator is engaged by a French software firm to find how information on their latest product, a way of visualising the content of text, is leaking to the competition.

Infectious diversion
Lt. Hugh Post makes friends with a group of students and accidentally has "insight" into the infection method of a deadly new microbe.

New job
A "woman's interest" story. Jenny, a lively young secretary from Burnley leaves her long-time boy-friend Ned to start a new life in an old established publishing firm in the South of England.

Timeworn terror
A gothic SF story. Horrors that turn the minds of one generation may not have the same effect on the next.

Twisted genius
A SF detective story. A journalist Martin and his psychologist girl-friend Yvette slowly uncover how John Phillips, a conventional computer scientist, had his mind changed by a bizarre accident which gave him a completely new outlook on life and enabled him to build the world's biggest robot manufacturing company.