Science fiction stories by Geoff Harries

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General information
Name of author - Geoffrey William Harries
Size of this file - approx. 35MB.
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Work phone - (089) 691-22-88

The stories

Time Gun Chrondisp 1 (Napoleonic France)
A strange footprint Chrondisp 2 (Victorian England)
No enemy Chrondisp 3 (Indochina 1815)
Alien Chrondisp 4 (Golden Age Greece)

One of these novels attracted the attention of a Japanese/German film director and he suggested I write a script containing the elements of martial arts and SF. This came to nothing and so I put all the research into the novel SLAK.

Background to the "Chrondisp Series"

The time is the 21st Century and the world is polarized into two competing ideological power blocks. ASIABLOCK, formed from the teeming millions of the Orient, has evolved a religion where Communism has been refined and melded with "Tao" (The Way). WESTBLOCK stands for free-enterprise and capitalism.

But a new technology of time travel has been discovered - the Chronological Displacement or Chrondisp technique - and both sides are using it to rummage through what the media call the "Databank of History", to aid them in their struggle.

Captain Digby, army veteran of the recent limited but vicious war ("The Pakistan Affair"), is recruited by the WESTBLOCK Chrondisp Institute to be sent back into the time of Napoleon to discover and bring back into the present a special type of musket that was supposed to have been invented then, and actually used in the Battle of Waterloo.

"TIME GUN" is a vigorous and eventful narrative of Digby's strange adventures with a merciless Frenchman in the Paris of 1815 and at the Battle of Waterloo, with an intelligent computer virus and Arab terrorists in 2015. And behind everything the ruthlessly ambitious Dr Duluth.

What they say about "Time Gun"

  • "Geoff Harries's novel "Time Gun" ranges widely from futuristic technology to the Battle of Waterloo, taking in on the way philosophical questions of time and personal identity and explaining how gamblers were cheated in 19th century Parisian casinos. "Time Gun" is also well-spiced with a pleasantly dry humour - altogether a thoroughly entertaining read."
    John Blundell (B.Phil., M.A.(Oxon), Ph.D.(London), editor Thesaurus linguae Latinae, Munich.

  • "I sat down to "Time Gun" at 8pm in the evening and finished, having read the entire novel at a single sitting, at 4 in the morning. Yours is the most sophisticated imaginative explanation (of time travel) I have heard of and the distinction between Main and Branch Timelines a very shapely and elegant formulation. The second great strength of your narrative was your presentation - both in details and atmosphere - of the early nineteenth century.
    ' James Malloy Ph.D.(Lit.) Professional Reader.

  • "I liked the idea of your novel very much indeed and thought it imaginative and well planned out. I was impressed by the over-all nature of the novel - the atmosphere of Napoleonic France was well structured and well conveyed."
    Sara Scammel, Editorial Dept. Victor Gollancz Ltd.

  • ""Time Gun" has good story-telling, good plotting and well-done battle scenes. It also left me with some lasting images."
    Prof. John G. Cramer, MPI Garching (on Sabbatical from the University of Seattle.)

  • "I like your writing, Geoff! I read about 20 pages then the next night I finished it off and went back to read the beginning! You are a good yarn-spinner, a good story-teller, and I hope you are encouraged to do more!"
    Bob Pease BSI (MIT) Staff Scientist, National Semiconductors (and West Coast guru).

  • 'I have been an avid SF fan for 40 years and have literally over a thousand SF paperbacks in my library.I admit to having been dubious when Geoff first hawked his "Time Gun" at the Stammtisch, but Norma said we should try it - and after reading we were both hooked! The following books just get better. Note: This isn't your usual SF. It is fast moving action combined with mind-stretching ideas, all set against an SF background. Predikat: highly recommended.
    Keith Wilkinson M.A.(Cantab), D.Phil(Oxon)